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Angelheart & FLAX Archives

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Basic 2000 Drawings

Basic 2000 Swatches

Basic 2000 Cheat Sheet

Basic Generous 2000 Drawings


Fall Flax 2001 Drawings

Fall Flax 2001 Swatches

Fall Flax Generous 2001 Drawings



Flax de Soleil 1999 Drawings

Flax de Soleil Generous 1999 Drawings

 Flax de Soleil 1999 Swatches

Flax de Soleil 2000 Drawings

Flax de Soleil 2000 Swatches

Flax de Soleil Accents 2000 Drawings



Flax to Business 2001 Swatches


Summer 2001 Drawings

Summer 2001 Swatches

Summer Weddings 2001 Drawings

 Summer Weddings 2001 Swatches


 Sweaters  Fall 2001 Drawings

Sweaters  Fall 2001 Swatches

Sweaters  Soleil 2001 Drawings

Sweaters  Soleil 2001 Swatches

Sweaters  Spring 2000 Drawings

Sweaters Spring 2000 Swatches


Underflax 1996 Drawings

Underflax 1996 Swatches


Vintage Flax 2001 Drawings

Vintage Flax 2001 Swatches